Special Education Support

Special Education and Learning Support is flexible in nature and tailored to meet the individual’s need of pupils, Special education and learning support specialists work with students who have a variety of individual learning styles, learning levels, and physical and intellectual disabilities, ranging from mild learning disabilities to severe physical needs

The specialists use many different teaching techniques to individualize each student’s instruction according to his or her individual Education Program (IEP). IEPs include targets related to the area, or areas, or difficulty, the strategies and methods used in sessions, and success communication targets, or a combination of these.

Special Education and Learning Support can guide those with:

• Expressive and receptive language delays
• Difficulties with organization
• Attention or executive function difficulties
• Difficulties in the area of study skills
• Autism Spectrum Disorder and relative disorders
• Down syndrome
• Sensory disorders
• Auditory processing difficulties
• Memory difficulties
• Dyscalculia
• Vocabulary development
• Writing difficulties, including Dysgraphia
• Dyslexia
• Communication disorders

All special education and learning support specialists at KE Safiya hold at least an education degree, and have completed postgraduate studies in their specific field.