About Our Curriculum

‘HAPPY TOTS’ is one of the fastest-growing curriculum in the country and endorsed by schools and authorities alike. One of the reasons Happy Tots has been so well received is that from the very beginning it was designed to help children receive a 21st century education in real classrooms. The “Happy Tots” curriculum contains the following distinct elements which help create a strong;

Learning Structure for your Kindergarten

  • Brain Friendly Learning
  • Holistic Development
  • Theme Based Units Of Work
  • Well Defined Learning Goals
  • Tangible Learning Outcomes

Why Our Curriculum So Special

  • The curriculum is theme around an area of real interest to children. Thematic way of learning has a better penetration of knowledge than other long-established methods.
  • Our units of work are always related to the recent events around the country and the environment in which they live in. Thus giving children an edge-of learning things that are appropriate to their level of thinking.
  • Each unit of learning at Happy Tots has been custom designed based on the recent brain research.
  • Every unit of work is founded on learning goals; the starting point of each unit is what children will learn and not what they will do.

How it Works ?

  • The core curriculum is packed with practical activities: it encompasses a whole lot of exciting and relevant activities which teaches and children can perform in class.
  • The activities in each unit have been custom designed to specially focus on nurturing multiple intelligence. Each activity is allied to specific intelligence.
  • The activities are modeled in such a trend that it facilitates working alone and working together as a team with other children.
  • Children's personal awareness, their perspective about the world and the various things in it and their innate curiosity to learn and explore are understand and Happy Tots fosters their individual development in a number of ways.

Aim of Our Curriculum

Our aim is to make kindergarten a joyful experience for children. Early year's education has been perceived by some as a mere preparation for primary school alone. However it is not just a preparation for next stage. It is vitally important in itself. It should not be confused with trying to accelerate learning in the kindergarten years by providing children with a simplified primary school education. Our objective is to make children in the kindergarten years is to:-

  • Enjoy
  • Observe
  • Explore
  • Discover

we want to develop a thinking nation and life-long learners for which we are nurturing children from the start, to learn to think and to think to learn.

The Curriculum

At HAPPY TOTS we engage the children from all three levels prekindergarten to junior and senior kindergarten in exciting learning activities specifically designed to meet the developmental needs and help them advance to the next level. Our curriculum emphasis on languages and literacy, cognitive development, social, intellectual and emotional skills, physical activity and creativity.

Our core principles begin with the simple truth that each child has a unique and individual nature, worthy of respect, nurture and celebration. The curriculum being written by practicing early year's specialists provides the right mix of practical, rigorous support for teachers, exciting and age appropriate activities for children. We believe that children are natural learners who gain knowledge by doing and communicating that is why we always active and engaging experiences for children.